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Chia Documentation

The source of truth for Chia documentation. Start here to learn more about Chia.

Chia Docs

Documentation regarding the Chia blockchain, consensus, and protocols.


Documentation and tutorials for Chialisp, our new Turing complete on-chain smart transaction programming language and development environment.

Chia Blockchain Wiki

GitHub wiki containing instructions and information about best practices regarding setup, hardware, farming, plotting, security, timelords, and more.

Cultivation Grant Program

Our Cultivation Grant Program is designed to enable and expand promising new projects that are being built on the Chia blockchain.

Chia Technical FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding the Chia blockchain and its function.

Chia Network Inc. FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Chia Network Inc., the company.

Chia Developer Forums

Discuss all things development related: Chialisp, CATs, applications, NFTs, and more.

Developer Mailing List