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14.1 chia-blockchain

chia-blockchain is the first and official implementation of the Chia protocol. It is written in python, with a few dependencies written in C++ or rust in order to improve performance. It is written from the ground up by the Chia team as well as open source contributors, and is not a fork of any other blockchain system.

The codebase is split into several subfolders which categorize code on the different components of the system. Inside the source root (chia folder).

  • cmds: Contains the command line interface program, which is a python wrapper around the chia RPC api. When a command is run, a connection is established directly to the Chia services running locally.
  • consensus: Consensus critical code that is high risk to change.
  • daemon: Server that runs the daemon, launching and stopping the other services.
  • farmer: Farmer server which handles signing blocks, coordinating the harvesters and communicating with a node.
  • full_node: A large portion of the business logic of Chia is here, storing blocks and coins, full node protocol, etc.
  • harvester: Code to handle harvester interaction with plot files and the filesystem
  • introducer: Temporary introducer server which has been partially replaced with DNS introducers.
  • plotters: Code for wrapping 3rd party plotters such as MadMax and Bladebit.
  • plotting: Code for creating plots and handling plot creation parameters, as well as checking plot correctness.
  • pools: Code for the handling of plot NFTs and pooling (on the wallet side).
  • protocols: Protocol specification, also explained in section 10.
  • rpc: RPC Server and RPC api specification for all services.
  • server: Networking and Websocket server.
  • simulator: A wrapper around the full node which allows creating and farming blocks, and running a local custom blockchain.
  • ssl: Managing TLS connections and certificates.
  • timelord: Code for running timelords, which uses the chiavdf dependency and connects to vdf clients.
  • types: Blockchain format and python types used throughout the project.
  • util: A collection of many utility files and functions used throughout the project.
  • wallet: Subdirectory containing all code relating to wallets and chialisp. This contains a large amount of code.