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Dual Farming


These instructions are tailored for Linux. A similar approach could likely be followed for MacOS.

In some cases, you may want to farm the same plots you farm on mainnet on one of the testnets as well, without removing them from mainnet. This is doable with a bit of extra legwork to set up unique ports for the testnet Chia installation.

There are a couple options for setting this up. You can either ensure you have the CHIA_ROOT set to unique values for each instance you want to run, or else run the installations on separate users. These instructions will show setting a specific CHIA_ROOT.

Set Up Mainnet Installation

For the mainnet installation, we will stick with the default ports and CHIA_ROOT, so these steps are essentially no different than the standard installation instructions.

Set Up Testnet Installation

  1. (Optional) Install yq to make editing the yaml files easier
    1. Alternatively, you can manually edit the ports in config.yaml
  2. Run this command:
export CHIA_ROOT=~/.chia/testnet
  1. Run this command:
chia init
  1. Run this command:
chia configure --testnet true
  1. cd to the ~/.chia/testnet/config directory and run the following script. Alternatively, you can edit the file manually. You do not need to use the ports listed below. However, if you choose to change the port numbers, ensure that they are different than the default values for mainnet:
yq -i '.daemon_port = 55401' ./config.yaml
yq -i '."*".log_syslog_port = 1514' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.data_layer.port = 10561' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.data_layer.rpc_port = 10562' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.data_layer.wallet_peer.port = 11256' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.data_layer.host_port = 10565' ./config.yaml

yq -i '.farmer.port = 10447' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.farmer.rpc_port = 10559' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.farmer.harvester_peer.port = 10448' ./config.yaml

yq -i '.harvester.port = 10448' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.harvester.rpc_port = 10560' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.harvester.farmer_peer.port = 10447' ./config.yaml

yq -i '.wallet.port = 10449' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.wallet.rpc_port = 11256' ./config.yaml

yq -i '.full_node.rpc_port = 10555' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.full_node.wallet_peer.port = 10449' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.full_node.farmer_peer.port = 10447' ./config.yaml

yq -i '.ui.port = 10222' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.ui.rpc_port = 10555' ./config.yaml
yq -i '.ui.daemon_port = 55401' ./config.yaml
  1. Run this command:
chia start farmer

Swapping between mainnet and testnet

To swap between running commands for mainnet and running commands for testnet, you need to ensure your CHIA_ROOT is set properly before running any commands:

  • Mainnet:

    export CHIA_ROOT=~/.chia/mainnet
  • Testnet:

    export CHIA_ROOT=~/.chia/testnet