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Creating your first Plot

In this lesson, we learn how to set up the Chia client, sync our full node using a torrent file, and create our first plot to start farming.

Learning objectives

  • Syncing a Full Node: Learn how to set up the Chia client and sync a full node.
  • Plot Creation: Learn how to create a plot.


Common gotchas

  • Joining a pool before plotting: It might seem strange to join a pool before setting up your plots, but the plots need to be generated using a plotnft in order for the pool to know who runs them. You must associate a plotnft with a pool if you want to use pooling, and if set up correctly you can always leave the pool later and farm your plots solo.

Knowledge check

Follow along with the video, and start plotting!

Additional resources

  • More farming basics: overviews of plotting, pooling, and rewards.
  • In depth architecture overview: describing the interactions between Farmers, Harvesters, Wallets, etc.
  • Chialisp detailed documentation: detailed information on all aspects of chialisp.
  • Support in discord: for further support join our discord server and ask in the #chialisp or #support channels.