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Primitives Overview

In this lesson, we talk about what a primitive is, and how it can be used.

Learning objectives

  • Primitives: Recognize the basic Chia primitives.
  • Open-Source: Understand how open-source improves Chia through community involvement.



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Primitives are what we call commonly used structures in Chialisp. They are essentially features that are specifically supported with native methods in our various libraries, and have defined structures to ensure compatibility.

0:20 These Primitives include features commonly found in other blockchains such as NFTs and DIDs, but also include unique features such as CATs, Offers, Clawback, and Verifiable Credentials. These primitives are the building blocks to creating efficient blockchain powered applications.

0:40 Each primitive represents a Chialisp puzzle that adheres to the current standard for that feature. These standards are submitted and can be modified by the community through the CHIP process, whereby new features, or modifications to existing primitives can be submitted and reviewed by community members, in keeping with the open-source nature of the Chia Blockchain.

1:00 Many of our unique primitives have come out of this process and it ensures that as development matures, the blockchain will evolve to satisfy the needs of developers in a multitude of use-cases.

Common gotchas

  • Primitives as Standards: Primitives are pre-defined features that adhere to certain standards agreed upon by the community. That does not mean that custom bespoke features cannot be developed or used for a specific use-case, even if it is not widely used. Chialisp allows any developer to create custom puzzles that map to their specific use-case, if an existing primitive does not quite fit.

Knowledge check

Question 1 - Features

True or False; Primitives are standardized features of the Chia Blockchain.

Answer (expand when ready to see the answer)

True. Primitives are what we call features that have defined standards, as agreed upon by the community.

Question 2 - CHIPs?

What does CHIP stand for?

Answer (expand when ready to see the answer)

CHIP stands for CHia Improvement Proposal. It is a way for the community of developers to propose new features, or changes to existing features.

Question 3 - Custom Features

True or False; Developers should only use pre-defined primitives.

Answer (expand when ready to see the answer)

False. Primitives are meant to provide common and useful building blocks that are flexible to cover many use-cases. However, there may be instances where the existing primitives don't provide the needed functionality and a custom puzzle will be needed.

Additional resources

  • More about primitives: guides for each primitive, and how to use them.
  • Chialisp detailed documentation: detailed information on all aspects of chialisp.
  • Support in discord: for further support join our discord server and ask in the #chialisp or #support channels.