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0 - Constants, Variables and Notation

0.1 Important Constants

10 minutestarget duration of a sub-slot
32 blockstarget number of blocks per sub-slot
16/64 blocksminimum/maximum number of blocks in a slot
4608 blocksaverage number of blocks per epoch
384 blocksaverage number of blocks per sub-epoch
64 signage pointsnumber of signage points per sub-slot

The above imply the following:

Implied ConstantsDescription
1 daytarget time of an epoch is 10 min4608 blocks32 blocks=1440 min(=1day)10 {\ \sf min}\cdot\frac{4608{\ \sf blocks}}{32\ \sf blocks}=1440{\ \sf min}\quad (=1{ \sf day})
2 hourstarget time of sub-epoch
18.75 secondstarget average block arrival time is 10 min32=18.75 sec\frac{10{\sf\ min}}{32}=18.75 {\sf\ sec}
9.375 secondstarget time between signage points is 60064=9.375 sec\frac{600}{64}=9.375 {\sf\ sec}

0.2 Important Variables

DND\in{\mathbb N}difficulty parameter. Re-calibrated once per epoch to meet target of 3232 blocks per slot
TNT\in {\mathbb N}time parameter (number of VDF steps for sub-slot). Re-calibrated once per epoch to meet target of 1010 minutes per sub-slot

0.3 Boxes

Objective 0:

We will use blue boxes like this one to mention key objectives we want the design of Chia to satisfy

Design Choice 0:

Green boxes like this are used to highlight important design choices, which often will refer to objectives.

Security Notice 0:

A red box stresses some important aspects required for the security of Chia, and will typically refer to some design choice.