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WalletConnect Developer Guide


This guide will help developers to create dApps on Chia's blockchain using WalletConnect. It will be expanded upon as more tools are introduced.

For more info, see our WalletConnect command documentation.

RPC Calls

The following table shows each RPC for Chia WalletConnect dApps, along with a description of what each RPC does, and a link to the equivalent Chia RPC:

WalletConnect RPCChia Wallet RPCDescription
addCATtokencreate_new_walletCreate a new wallet for CATs
addVCProofsvc_add_proofsAdd a set of proofs to the DB that can be used when spending a VC
cancelOffercancel_offerCancel an offer
checkOfferValiditycheck_offer_validityCheck if an offer is valid
createNewDIDWalletcreate_new_walletCreate a new DID wallet
createOfferForIDscreate_offer_for_idsCreate a new offer
getAllOffersget_all_offersShow the details of all offers for this wallet
getCATAssetIdcat_get_asset_idRetrieve a the asset ID from a CAT wallet
getCATWalletInfoget_walletsGet CAT Wallet Info
getCurrentAddressget_next_address*Set new_address to false to use the current address
getNextAddressget_next_address*Set new_address to true to create a new address
getNFTsCountnft_count_nftsCount the number of NFTs in a wallet
getNFTInfonft_get_infoGet info about an NFT
getNFTsnft_get_nftsShow all NFTs in a given wallet
getNFTWalletsWithDIDsnft_get_wallets_with_didsShow all NFT wallets that are associated with DIDs
getOfferDataget_offerShow the details of one offer
getOfferRecordget_all_offersShow the details of all offers for this wallet
getOffersCountget_offers_countObtain the number of offers from the current wallet
getOfferSummaryget_offer_summaryShow a summary of an offer
getProofsForRootvc_get_proofs_for_rootGiven a specified VC root, get any proofs associated with that root
getPublicKeyget_public_keyRequest the user to provide their master public key
getSyncStatusget_sync_statusShow whether the current wallet is syncing or synced
getTransactionget_transactionGet a transaction's details from its ID
getVCvc_getGiven a launcher ID, get the Verifiable Credential
getVCListvc_get_listGet a list of Verifiable Credentials
getWalletAddressesget_wallet_addressesGet wallet addresses for one or more wallet keys
getWalletBalanceget_wallet_balanceObtain the balance (and related info) from a wallet
getWalletBalancesget_wallet_balancesRequest the asset balances for specific wallets associated with the current wallet key
getWalletsget_walletsShow all wallets associated with the current fingerprint, including (by default) coin information
logInlog_inLog into the wallet with the specified key
mintNFTnft_mint_nftMint an NFT
revokeVCvc_revokeRevoke an on chain VC provided the correct DID is available
sendTransactionsend_transactionSend a transaction
setDIDNamedid_set_wallet_nameSet the name of a DID wallet
setNFTDIDnft_set_nft_didSet the DID for an NFT
showNotificationget_notificationsShow notification with offer or general announcement
signMessageByAddresssign_message_by_addressSign a message using an XCH address without incurring an on-chain transaction
signMessageByIdsign_message_by_idSign a message using a DID or NFT ID without incurring an on-chain transaction
spendCATcat_spendSend CAT funds to another wallet
spendClawbackCoinsspend_clawback_coinsClaw back or claim claw back transaction
takeOffertake_offerTake an offer
transferNFTnft_transfer_nftTransfer an NFT to a new wallet address
spendVCvc_spendAdd Proofs To Verifiable Credential
verifySignatureverify_signatureGiven a public key, message and signature, verify if it is valid